Patients on whom they experienced a new medicine were able to defeat the neoplasms of the rectum.

Many oncologists are sure that the future in the treatment of oncology for immunotherapy. A step towards this was made by doctors from the Sloon-Chattering oncocenter in New York and the Pathology Department of the Medical School of Yale University. They experienced 12 patients with the rectum cancer of the Dostarlimab drug, which was supposed to block the signal of the immune system that prevents the immunity from working against cancer cells.

As one of the leaders of clinical trials, Doctor of Medical Sciences Andrea Chekch, explained, doctors introduced the drug to the patient every three weeks within six months. At the same time, the rectal adenocarcinoma in the oncobic was the II or III stage, that is, the tumor has already begun to give metastases.

Initially, experts

planned to supplement the treatment with a standard protocol: chemo -rair therapy and surgery

But the sensation was that in the end, none of the research participants had to do either radiation therapy or “chemistry”. The operation to remove the affected body, which is considered mandatory by medical standards, was also not needed.

“Everyone has a complete clinical response without signs of a tumor with magnetic resonance imaging, endoscopic examination, a finger of rectal examination and biopsy,” scientists in the medical journal The New England Journal of Medicine shared the results of the study . – Not a single case of progression or relapse was registered during subsequent observation. “.

As explained by the immunologist of the Pasteur Institute Daria Kartasheva-Eberc, Dostarlimab itself is not a new drug. But such a powerful response from its use received for the first time. “Previously, it was used to treat endometrial cancer, but there is no 100 percent result there,” Dr. Peter quotes the immunologist as saying.

So far, scientists are careful in their assessments: long -term monitoring of patients is needed to exclude the occurrence of remission. In addition, it is necessary to understand what other types of cancer will affect immunotherapy.

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